Go North Fork: Sal Diliberto on Bringing The Italian-American Experience To His Winery


Q: How did you come to the North Fork?

A:  I came to the North fork for the first time in 1986. My wife Maryann had a cousin who rented a house in Nassau Point for July. We stayed over the weekend and I saw the vineyards here at the time, including Peconic Bay.

I had been making wine for a few years in Queens using grapes from California that I bought at the Brooklyn terminal market. I stopped at Peconic Bay and spoke to the owner Ray Blum. I asked him if he would sell me grapes and he said absolutely.

For the next 10 years I came to the North fork each fall and purchased my grapes from Ray. I got to know him and the North fork. In 1991 I bought some land in Jamesport with an old barn. In 1996 and 1997 we renovated the barn into living space and in 1998 we planted our first acre of grapes.

Read the full interview on GoNorthFork.org here.

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